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Obituary of Christian Frederick Bernhard Lybbert

20 Apr 1923 , Vernal Express

Aged Father of Jacob N. Lybbert Buried in Logan. Word came last week that C. F.B. Lybbert had passed to his final reward. He died in Logan, Utah March 25, 1923.

It has been said of him that he was not 89 years old, but 89 years young, and that he was the youngest old man in the country. He was always an active, energetic worker and has accomplished many worthwhile things during his long life. When he was a lad, he attended and finished the public school of Denmark, after which he became an apprentice for seven years to learn the blacksmith trade. His father was killed while fighting for his country. This left the boy and his mother alone when the boy was very young. President Anthon H. Lund found his mother and her boy, and he soon became an ardent member of the Latter-Day Saints religion.

At about eighteen he was drafted into the Danish army for three years. Although in the army, he still continued faithful in his religious duties and was soon put in as clerk of the branch. As soon as possible after his time of service in the army was over, he and his mother and first wife left Denmark for Utah. They were over six weeks crossing the ocean with a sailing vessel. While on his way across, they lost a boy who was buried in the ocean. They walked across the plains in 1866. He was given an ox team to drive, and assumed his full responsibilities and hardships in connection with his trip across the plains.

It was on their way to Utah that he met Miss Antonette M. Olsen from Norway, who later became his wife. They were married March 10, 1866, and from then on were active in the colonizing of Utah. First they moved to North Ogden, and lived there for a few years. From there they were called to Lavan to help colonize there. They moved to help colonize there. They moved to Ashley Valley forty years ago. Mr. Lybbert, in all these places and all his life remained a faithful, social and church worker. He was ward clerk of the Naples Ward for over thirty years, tithing clerk for Uintah Stake for a number of years, superintendent of Naples Sunday School just before he was called on his mission to Holland in the early nineties.

During the three years of his mission in Holland he experienced many wonderful things. For example, he baptised one girl, who had to have her parents lead her to water because she was blind, and she walked home alone--seeing! His son Jacob met that lady fifteen years later as he was filling his mission in Holland and she still felt deeply the gratitude of her soul for the blessings that had come to her that day.While on his mission, Mr. Lybbert was privileged to baptise about forty, nearly all of whom have remained faithful members of the church and they with their offspring now amount to a very large number.

He and his second wife had eleven children, six sons and five daughters. They were a happy family with a deep appreciation and secret pride of each other. One babe was buried in Lavan and all the rest lived to maturity and had families of their own before they were called from here. Within the last ten years three have been called to go. First, Mrs. Rachel Bascom of Vernal; then John Isaac Lybbert from Raymond, Canada, and a year ago Esther L. Olsen of Blackfoot, Idaho. The following members of the family are still living: Enoch C. , Waldemar C., and Chas. J., all of Canada; Mary Merrell of Bluebell, Utah; Daniel E. Lybbert of Salt Lake City, and Emma Hullinger and Jacob N. Of Vernal.

Eleven years ago next August, Mr. Lybbert went to Canada and visited his sons there for about two years. Since that time he and his wife have lived in Logan most of the time, doing work for the dead in the temple. He continued in this work up until four months before his death when failing health prevented. This was indeed a fitting climax to a life of usefulness.

He died Sunday morning at 3 o'clock after sleeping for twenty-six hours. Funeral services were held in Logan Wednesday, March 28. His children, Dan E. and Mary Merrell and his wife, were the only relatives able to be in attendance. Mrs. Merrell left home on Saturday but did not reach her father's side until Sunday evening. He leaves 61 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.

Mr. Lybbert's mother was a native of Denmark and his father of Germany.

Three of his sons have filled missions, one to Norway, one to Holland, and one in the United States.

Latter-day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia,  Volume 1,  Biographies

  Lybbert, Christian Frederik Bernhard, senior president of the 97th quorum of Seventy, is a son of Joachim Frederik and  Margrethe Elizabeth Wilhelmine Evart, and was born Nov. 6, 1834, at Flade, Horns herred, Hjorring amt, Denmark. He  received a fair education in the common schools of Denmark. Bible reading was one of the studies taught in the schools, and  he, being of a naturally religious mind, soon began to think about what he should do to save his soul. When he first heard of  the "Mormons" he became interested and prayed to his Heavenly Father to enlighten his mind, that he might know who had  the truth. His prayer was answered; he became a convert to "Mormonism," and he was baptized by Jacob Julander March  28, 1854. He followed the trade of a blacksmith, till June, 1854, when he was ordained a Teacher and sent out to labor as a  missionary in the Aalborg conference. He did successful missionary work in different places for over two years. He was  ordained [p.480] a Priest, and later (Feb. 11, 1855) he was ordained an Elder by E.G. Eriksen. He had the pleasure of  teaching his mother and father the gospel, the former he also baptized. In the spring of 1859 he enlisted as a soldier and  served his country four years, during which time he also worked actively in Church affairs. He married Mary Andersen in  Copenhagen June 15, 1862. In 1865 he emigrated to Utah, crossing the plains with ox-teams. He married Antonette M.  Olsen March 10, 1866, and located in Ogden the same year. Here he followed his trade and also took an active interest in  Church work, laboring as a Ward Teacher. Subsequently he moved to Spring City, Sanpete county, and later (in 1870) he  located at Levan, Juab county, where he labored as Ward and Sunday school teacher, Ward clerk, superintendent of  Sunday school, etc. In 1882 he moved to Ashley valley, locating at what is now Merrill Ward. Here he also held a number  of ecclesiastical positions. May 5, 1892, he was set apart by Pres. Joseph F. Smith for a mission to Europe. From May,  1892, to June, 1894, he labored diligently as a missionary in Holland and also in Denmark, and was successful in making  many friends and converts, as also in getting much valuable genealogy. Since his return home he has served as Ward clerk  and teacher and discharged the duties pertaining to his calling as senior president of the 97th quorum of Seventy.


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