true to their faith in the Lord.  Their descendants are numerous and found primarily throughout the United States, and Canada.

Within these pages you can find family history, ancestors, descendants, photos, life histories, documents, and connections to Lybbert relatives.  Enjoy.

C. F. B. Lybbert Family Organization

The Lybbert Legacy lives on

Christian Frederick Bernhard Lybbert

Anthonette Marie Olsen


This website is dedicated to Christian Frederick Bernhard Lybbert and Anthonette Marie Olsen.  They left a legacy of the strength and courage of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Pioneers. 

Their sacrifices brought them to a new land.  They stayed

The C. F. B. Lybbert

Family Organization Officers


President:  Janet Edwards

1st Vice President: Kent Merrell

2nd Vice President: Dennis Lybbert

Secretary/Treasurer: Sharilyn Smith

Secretary/Treasurer (Canada):  Larry Lybbert

Historian Chairperson:  Maureen Kijek

History Committee Members:

Kerry Fussell:

Debbie Kerkes:

Paul Olsen:

Enoch Lybbert

511 K St.

Cheney, WA 99004


Phone: 509-235-8851

Fax: 509-235-8851


Debbie Kerkes

107 Holladay Dr.

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